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Figure 1.  1804 C-6, Manley Die State 4.5 Half Cent.

Those of you that are members of Early American Coppers (EAC) have seen the listing for both the Half Cent and Large Cent 2020 Happening Varieties at this years EAC Convention (April 30 to May 3, 2020) at the Marriott City Center in Pittsburgh, PA this year.  One of the half cent varieties in the Happening that caught my eye was the 1804 C-6 variety.  I remembered having this variety and thought I would retrieve it to see which die state I had.  I did remember that it was one of several coins from well know New York collector Vincent W. Alones.  Alones was a longtime hobbyist and ANA member.  Vincent W. Alones passed away at the age of 95 in 2012.  He was a World War II Navy veteran from Long Island, NY.  Vincent had his name published in the July 2011 issue of The Numismatist for being a 50 year member of the ANA. He was also an award-winning exhibitor who won an ANA Presidential Award in 1994 and the Medal of Merit in 1995. Vincent Alones attended every ANA Convention from 1952 to 2008!

Vincent Alones won over 200 prizes in numismatic competitions during his lifetime and was a long-time member of the Long Island Coin Club. His estate provided a large portion of Vincent’s amazing coin collection to be sold, in part, to benefit the Virginia Numismatic Association.

Vincent started collecting in 1934 and his collection contained many coins from major auctions such as the Anderson-Dupont Collection (1954), B. Frank Collection (1956), Farish Baldenhofer Collection (1955), B. Max Mehl (1942), and coins obtained from Abe Kosoff, Walter Breen, Empire, T. Weiss, and New Netherlands Coin Company.  What a list of numismatic notables.

The Virginia Numismatic Association sold Alones Collection in conjunction with its 54th annual convention  in September  2012 at the Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center in Fredericksburg, VA.  Session I included between 250 and 300 lots of mostly copper coins and was especially strong in large cents.  I spend this brief introduction to Vincent W. Alones because if not for collectors of his character and generosity we, the current day collectors, would not be able to reach back in our history to gain further insight and motivation we enjoy assembling our collections and the history they contain and that can be shared with your fellow collectors.

The spiked chin 1804 half cents are a favorite of collectors and has been throughly studied and documented in numerous books and articles.   While the “spiked chins” range in rarity from R-x to R-Y, for the C-6 variety, there are 13 different but distinct die states.  and written about is a plentiful issue carrying a mere R-2 rarity rating.  However, what makes it interesting are the various die states for this issue that Ronald P. Manley has so exquisitely described in his book, “The Half Cent Die State Book 1793-1857”.  Some die states are quite common while others, not so much so. Obverse die 1, as it has been cataloged, was used with different reverse dies in striking several die marriages before something happened to change the face of the die and created the damage that gives the coins their nickname..A raised horizontal projection or “spike” protruding from Liberty’s chin, with a second smaller projection protruding from Liberty’s lips like a tongue. A series of curved parallel lines appear in the field in front of Liberty’s neck, from just below her chin to just above the drapery on her bust.  Various theories have been floated to explain the anomalies, with the most likely being that the die was damaged when a small threaded bolt fell onto it during a striking cycle, according to Walter Breen’s book on half cents.


1804 obv 2

Figure 2.  Obverse view of the C-6 variety obverse.

Obverse is the same as 1804 C-5 and 1804 C-7 but later in the progression.  The “Spiked Chin” is always found with clash marks at the throat and cracked through the tops of LIBERTY with this die pairing.

1804 6

Figure 3.



1804 24

Figure 4.



1804 17

Figure 5.


1804 8

Figure 6.

1804 1

Figure 7.

Each wreath branch has five berries..

Always found with a cracked revere.

All the T’s have missing or defective feet.

1804 13

Figure 8.


A patch of die rust is below the right foot of the first A in AMERICA.

1804 32

Figure 9.

An engravers’ scratch extends from the right stem end midway to the second A in AMERICA.

1804 29

Figure 10.


A die flaw slants right from the top of T in CENT.

1804 31

Figure 11.


A tiny lump is between NI in UNITED.

1804 30

Figure 12.


A short die scratch is found parallel to the right side of A in STATES….which eventually fades.

1804 12

Figure 13.

1804 41

Figure 14


1804 40

Figure 15.



1804 11

Figure 16


1804 9

Figure 17.

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A few more toned Lincoln Cents from our  ‘Battle Creek Collection’ for your perusal.  Interesting study group that we will have more comments on in Part III.


NFS/Study Group ONLY!


1945 obv c1945 rev c

1945 Lincoln Cent


1948 D obv1948 D rev

1948 D Lincoln/MS


1948 S obv1948 S rev

1948 S Lincoln/MS


1949 obv1949 rev

1949 Lincoln/MS


1950 obv1950 rev

1950 Lincoln/Mint State


1950 D obv1950 d rev

1950 D Lincoln/MS


1950 obv1950 rev

1950  Lincoln/MS


1951 d obv 21951 d rev

1951 S Lincoln/MS


1951 obv 11951 rev 1

1951 Lincoln/MS


1951 d obv 21951 d rev

1951 S Lincoln/MS


1953 obv1953 rev

1953 Lincoln/MS


1953 obv b

1953 Lincoln Cent

1953 obv c

1953 Lincoln Cent/Rim


1953 rev b

1953 Lincoln Cent/Wheat Ears


1953 rev c

1953 Lincoln Cent/Wheat Ears


1953 rev d

1953 Lincoln Cent/Wheat Ears & Die Polish


1953 rev e

1953 Lincoln Cent/Wheat Ears & Die Polish


1953 rev f

1953 Lincoln Cent/Wheat Ears & Die Polish


1954 D obv1954 D rev

1954 D Lincoln


1954 D obv 2

1954 D ‘LIBERTY’


1954 D obv 3

1954 D Date


1954 D obv 4

1954 D ‘Bust/Rim’


1954 D obv 5

1954 D ‘GOD WE TRUST’ & Forehead


1954 D obv 6

1954 D ‘IN COD WE TRUST’ & Forehead



1954 D rev 2

1954 D Reverse


1954 D rev 3

1954 D Reverse


1954 D rev 4

1954 D Reverse


1954 D rev 5

1954 D Reverse


1954 D rev 7

1954 D Reverse


1954 D rev 8

1954 D Reverse


1954 D rev 9

1954 D Reverse


1954 D rev 10

1954 D Reverse


1954 D rev 11

1954 D Reverse


1954 S obv 11954 S rev 1

1954 S


1955 obv1955 rev

1955 Lincoln


1955 D obv1955 D rev

1955 D Lincoln


1956 obv1956 rev

1956 Lincoln


1956 D obv1956 D rev

1956 D Lincoln


1957 D obv1957 D rev

1957 D Lincoln


1958 obv1958 rev

1958 Lincoln


1958 D obv1958 D rev

1958 D Lincoln


1959 obv1959 rev

1959 DDR Lincoln

1959 obv 2

1959 ‘LIBERTY’


1959 obv 6

1959 ‘LIBERTY’ & Die Polish Lines

1959 obv 7

1959 Lincoln with Rainbow Toning & Die Polish Lines

1959 obv 3

1959 Lincoln with Rainbow Toning

1959 obv 4

1959 Lincoln with Rainbow Toning

1959 obv 5

1959 Lincoln with Rainbow Toning

1959 obv 8

1959 Lincoln with Rainbow Toning


1959 rev 3

1959 DDR

1959 rev 3 E DDO

1959 DDR

1959 rev 2

1959 DDR


1960 obv 21960 rev

1960 Lincoln


1960 d obv 1a1960 D rev

1960 D Lincoln


1961 D obv1961 D rev

1961 D Lincoln


1961 obv1961 rev

1961 Lincoln






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