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1794 Large Cent

A very nice example of the S-64 from the Dr. Ronald B. Gammill Collection of US Large Cents. The S-64 is an R-5 variety and this specimens exhibits sharp detail and pleasing eye appeal given its exceptional state of preservation. This coin was purchased from Tom Deck. Its provenance is: CVM, 10/2011; Shawn Yancy; Jack D. Young, 4/2011; Shawn Yancey, 11/2012; Roger Mills, 12/2012 and finally Dr. Gammill, 2016. The border milling on the left side of the coin is always deep and heavy and protects and strengthens the hair detail as well as the entire left side of the coin. This is true for both obverse and reverse for the S-64 variety. Liberty is well spaced and closer to the hair than the border. The sharpness of the eye captures your attention immediately upon viewing this specimens.

Graded F-12, the obverse and reverse of this S-64 has a pleasing chocolate color with smooth hard surfaces and only minor pitting in front of Liberty’s face and behind the lower curls. Liberty, cap, pole and date are all defined and evenly struck. Except for their absence between 1 – 3 o’clock, the dentils are well defined and the saw tooth features are particularly strong between 7 – 10 o’clock.
The reverse clearly defines a Late Die State (Breen V) with the strong radial die crack through the ‘D’ in UNITED, the swelling inside the wreath and the missing Fraction Bar. The dentils are well defined and overall eye appeal is strong.

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